Swampqueen Hagatha is the latest card to be revealed in Hearthstone's Rise of Shadows


The Hearthstone team has revealed another new card in the upcoming Rise of Shadows expansion, and it’s looking like a good one. In a Twitter post earlier today, the game’s developers announced the name and powers of the new card: Swampqueen Hagatha.

Another villain from the rogue’s gallery of the evil-themed expansion, Swampqueen Hagatha features a spooky-looking crone with green skin and hooked hands. The card is a seven-mana Legendary Shaman minion with five Attack and five Health. Its Battlecry effect allows a player to add a 5/5 Horror to their hand and “teach it two Shaman spells.” The card is the fourth Legendary to be revealed for the upcoming expansion after the revelation of Arch-Villain Rafaam, Chef Nomi, and Kalecgos in last week’s detailed trailer.

This newest addition to Rise of Shadows already appears popular among Hearthstone’s fanbase, with the release trailer eliciting a number of excited responses from notable community members. As the release of the expansion grows near, only the metagame will tell whether Swampqueen Hagatha’s unique “Build-a-Spell” ability is broken or balanced.

The Rise of Shadows expansion pack will be released on April 9, and will be available for purchase in the form of a 50-pack standard bundle and an 80-pack mega bundle.