Switch Exclusive STARLINK: BATTLE FOR ATLAS E3 Trailer Reveals Star Fox Connection And Innovation

Game developers have been looking for ways to improve gameplay for multiple genres since the beginning days of gaming. With how far we have gone so far, including Virtual Reality, it isn't far-fetched to think of how we can improve controllers for specific games. With the ever popular Nintendo Labo introduced not even a year ago, Ubisoft has taken on the challenge of controller upgrades as well.

Introduced at E3 2018 is their latest title Starlink: Battle for Atlas and they showed off a bit of the innovation behind it. While the game itself looks pretty interesting, mixing the game style of planet observation and galactic combat, there is another reason people are going to find interest in this new Nintendo Switch exclusive. There is even a launch date set for October 16 this year! Check out the trailer:

Did you see the moments where the upgraded the toy ship that sat on top of their controller? It is an actual customizable ship, with parts that include weapons and pilots. There are also going to be other ships available as well. Luckily the entire set up is explained in its own "How To" video trailer. Check out the details:

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is definitely one of the coolest things announced from Ubisoft for E3 2018 and is sure to be a great experience for hands on gamers. The game is even directly related to Star Fox and was even shown in its own trailer featuring our famous hero. Finally making the return that fans have been waiting for, Star Fox and his team are going to be part of those that will help you protect Atlas from destruction! Check it out:

What are your thoughts on the innovative addition for this game and their direct connection to the famous hero, Star Fox?