Sylas and Teemo are breaking the game in League of Legends


After yesterday’s League of Legends 9.6 patch, a number of players have reported the existence of a significant bug involving champions Sylas and Teemo.

Sylas’s ultimate, Hijack, allows the champion to steal any enemy champion’s ultimate. Normally, this unique ability is relatively balanced, with Sylas able to cast the opponent’s ultimate only once. For example, if Sylas copies Nidalee’s Bushwhack ability, he can lay only one trap before losing access to Nidalee’s powers.

For some reason, this limitation does not appear to apply when Sylas hijacks Teemo’s Noxious Trap ability. In fact, after copying Teemo, Sylas gains the ability to spam the other champion’s mushroom traps infinitely—far more than Teemo’s own limit of three at once. Teemo’s mushrooms are quite irritating, damaging and slowing all who trod upon them, so it’s not hard to imagine that the ability to fill the map with them would be powerful indeed. The only balancing factor to Sylas’s mushroom madness is the fact that the champion is saddled with a hefty 30-minute cooldown on his ultimate once it ends.

Given the obviously game-breaking nature of this bug, it’s likely that the issue will be patched out in League of Legends’s upcoming 9.7 update. Until then, Teemo players may want to steer clear of any enemy team’s Sylas mains.