SYSTEM SHOCK 2 Is Getting The Enhanced Edition Treatment!


Nightdive Studios, the company behind the recent remasters of games like Turok 2 have once again set their sights on the world of System Shock. The company announced on Twitter today that they are indeed working on an enhanced edition of System Shock 2! No release dates have been given for the project but I am stoked just knowing that it is coming! Check out the tweet below.

The company has previously released an enhanced edition of System Shock and is actively remaking that original title. For System Shock fans this is even better news to accompany the future release of System Shock 3! Sadly none of these titles have anything close to a solid release date. Still more System Shock is never a bad thing! thanks Nightdive for bringing back my childhood, I still want Turok 3 remastered though.

Are you interested in a System Shock 2 enhanced edition?