Tablet Use May Affect Toddlers Sleep Times

While it may be easy to throw your kid an iPad to keep them occupied while you're getting work done, it could also be affecting their sleep. A new report says that an hour of tablet use by a toddler aged child results in a loss of around 30 minutes of sleep a night. In the grand scheme of things, that's not a huge loss, but that's 30 minutes you'll be thinking about when you're bleary eyed and up with your child earlier than you intended!

On the flip side, children who only used the tablet 25 minutes a day reported a loss of around 6 minutes of sleep, which is a massive decline considering the time is only a little over half. Currently, the recommended total screen time for a child daily is 2-5 hours which is probably way less than I watched daily as a child! I think if you just use common sense you should be fine. 

Source: Engadget