Taiwanese Action Game PAGUI Brings A Horror Adventure To Steam On October 5th

A game that is made with a focus on the action-adventure aspect yet is set in a haunted town and is inspired by true events that demonstrate the cultural spirit, historic background, and folk culture unique to Taiwan is bound to be exciting in multiple ways. By the way that it’s portrayed in the trailer, it seems like the horror aspect took a back seat when Padendon was developing PAGUI. They even put attention into the architecture, temple celebration, physical appearance and accent of characters just to provide the style and elements that are exclusive to Taiwan.

As mentioned before, the game takes place in a haunted city within the 20th century. PAGUI will start off with a focus on the horror as players have to avoid evil spirits but with time, they have to arm themselves and learn as much as possible to fight against the ghosts. This means they really did focus on the action-adventure part while exploiting the best parts of a horror experience; the unknown.

It’s interesting to see a game embrace the fact that a lot of horror games lose their scare factor the longer you play them due to understanding the atmosphere and terrors within. Starting out in a defenseless state and then switching to an offensive stance against them is something with will be interesting to see pan out. If this concept has caught your attentionas well, you can have it in your Steam library as soon as October 5th.