Take The Reigns In DreamWorks DRAGONS: DAWN OF NEW RIDERS Game

With the excitement behind the next How To Train Your Dragon movie coming out on February 22nd, DreamWorks has created a brand new game that lets you take control of the action. In Dragons: Dawn of New Riders, players will play a through a brand new story line as newcomers Scribbler and Patch, the dragon hybrid.

Their latest trailer shows Scribbler and Patch working along with Hiccup and Toothless to stop the their latest enemy, Eir. Trying to use dragons to conduct and complete her evil plans, players must solve puzzles, fight hordes of enemies, and overcome multiple challenges in order to put an end to her dastardly plans! Check it out:

Based on the trailer alone, this game looks like a lot of fun for fans of all ages! Taking control of your dragon in flight, fighting foes alongside a trusted companion, following a new plot line in the Dragons universe, and working alongside Hiccup and Toothless is all you could ask for. Most games like these tend to just feature the player taking control of the main character and following through the story that is seen in the movie, but DreamWorks took it to the next step and gave this game its very own story.

Dragons: Dawn of New Riders is set to launch on February 15, 2019 in the US on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch; just in time to play through a few levels, or even binge the whole game, before the next movie! Although, those in any region other than the US get a bit more time as it launches on February 1, 2019 for them.