TBH7: Watch Armada Win Doubles For Team Alliance Against A 1v2 Matchup


If you're looking to stop Team Alliance in Super Smash Bros Melee Doubles, you better play the best game of your life. The dominant Swedish brothers managed to snag a quick victory in doubles in The Big House 7, and while a 3-1 take without a bracket reset doesn't sound that hype, a clutch move by Armada at the end really sent it over. Check out Android droppinga stock below (action starts at 14:34), and then watch Armada be Armada and take out SFAT and PewpewU in a perfect showing of why these guys win so many doubles tournaments below:

Even LiquidChillen and DJ Nintendo already knew you can never count out Armada, ESPECIALLY when he's playing Peach. Congrats Team Alliance! And good luck in the singles event!