Team Behind MAX PAYNE And ALAN WAKE Are Working On A New 3rd Person Game

Remedy games are apparently working on a new 3rd person title, and it's not Alan Wake and Max Payne. While that is unfortunate, you can't help but get a little jazzed knowing a studio with those two titles under their belt is looking to jump again into the world of 3rd person. As far as the game is concerned, not much is known at the moment other than it's slated for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and that 505 games is partnering with Remedy and dropped over $7 million dollars into the game's investment.

Code named Project P7, the game is to be developed using the same engine used for Quantum Break which was also made by Remedy but received far less stellar reviews than the two aforementioned games. Regardless of gameplay scores, Quantum Break looked amazing and early word is this new title from Remedy boasts the most mechanics a game like this has ever seen. I'm sure we'll be learning more about it at E3 so be sure to keep it here for details. 

Source: VG247