Ready your gun-scythe, load your shotgun-gauntlets and grab sword-whip-gun, RWBY is here in Knights Chronicle. If you want to enjoy a new, fast paced action adventure on your phone or other mobile device, Knights Chronicle has got you covered. This game has a lot of fun battles, and a massive lineup of characters that will level up and smash enemies into oblivion. The variety of play style and character combos is almost endless as the roster grows and characters level-up. And now through the 31st of July, players can recruit RWBY characters in-game to fight alongside your growing army.

The beloved characters Ruby, Blake, Yang, Weiss and their dangerous counterpart, Cinder will be joining the ranks of Knights Chronicle. So join in the event soon to enjoy the characters and go into a deep game with enough free to play content to keep any player busy and extra paid content to boost your part into the stratosphere. Get set to snipe people with Ruby, cast epic spells with Weiss and much more with these fantastic RWBY girls. Let us know your favorite out of the five RWBY heroes that you keep on your main team!

Knights Chronicle is for iOS and Android, download and enjoy it now!