Teaser Trailer And Gameplay Drops For New PALADINS Champ Inara

Paladins finally has a female front line, and she looks crazy powerful! Inara is set to roll out with the latest update of Paladins, and she looks to be the next game changer for the front line meta. Just having that stone wall alone is going to change up the state of the game in so many ways! Here's her skills from direct damage to ultimate:

Direct: Stone Spear: Fire a burst of 3 projectiles dealing 225 damage each over 0.4 seconds, every 1 second.

Earthen Guard: Enter a defensive state that lasts 5s where you and your deployables take 30% reduced damage.

Impasse: Deploy a wall that grows out of the ground and lasts 5s.

Warder's Field: Place a stone obelisk that pulses which slow enemies for 60% and deals 150 damage per second.

Ultimate: Seismic Crash-Throw your spear, passing through shields and stunning any enemies within 40 units of its impact for 2s

You can see her hero teaser here...

Then be sure to check out Stolzey checking her out on the preview server as well...