Tech: Hyper X Develops First Gaming Headset With Plug And Play Dolby Surround Sound

When it comes to gaming with some of the best surround sound on the market, Hyper X is looking to make it as easy as "plug & play". First showcased at CES, the Cloud Revolver SHeadset will be the first gaming headset on the market with plug & play Dolby 7.1 surround sound. All the tech you need will be included within a dongle found at the end of your gaming headset, as seen in the picture below. The sound quality, without question, will be top of the line.

The best thing about this headset is that the plug & play means just that. No additional software or configuration! You just plug it in and you're done. This headset is specifically designed for eSports and competitive play so noise cancellation is a given and if you're someone who's never tried a quality headset like these...I assure're missing out.

The headset will be available March 14th and is priced at $149.99!