Tech Spotlight — The Dynamic Duo: Creative Labs Sound BlasterX H7 Headset and G1 Sound Card

Sound BlasterX H7 Headset

Oh Creative labs, let me count the ways. I remember fondly opening my first Sound Blaster Pro back in the DOS glory days of gaming and now look where we are, light years beyond that era with the stellar new SOUND BLASTERX H7 HEADSET. Gorgeous looks? Check. Incredibly comfy while being unique in design? For sure. Solid build quality? Yup. Finally, for me, one of the most important, balanced and smooth sound? 100% I tend to get nervous these days because headsets can be so hit and miss when it comes to sound quality. Luckily whether it was music, movies, or gaming, the set sound sublime. Not too much bass but enough to sound punchy and wearing these puppies for several hours was a dream.

One of the best features yet and one I wish all audio designers would include: The ability to connect via the included USB interface or with the separate analog stereo cable or back and forth. Simple yet so flexible. This is definitely one our new fave headsets we've tested in the lab. BAM! Be sure to check out the full product page and specs right over hurr.

Sound BlasterX G1 7.1 Portable Sound Card with Headphone Amplifier

For PS4 gamers like you, like me, like everyone who loves said platform, one of the biggest downfalls can be hooking audio devices to Sony's black beauty. I've tested dozens of headsets and headphones connected via USB or analog on the controller itself and 9 times out 10, the volume just doesn't go loud enough. Well, that has been easily remedied with the new SOUND BLASTERX G1 and oh is it glorious! While busting out the Uncharted series, gunfire was crisp and clear and voices rendered in their full glory. Coupled with the H7 HEADSET as well, it was pure audio bliss. This works on PC, PS4 and was a snap to setup and enjoy. Check out the G1 full specs and info right here.

In the end, Creative Labs continues to impress with their stellar Sound BlasterX line and we can't wait to see what pops up next. Boomshakalaka.