Telltale Reveals First Details On Their BATMAN Game

Telltale Games finally revealed some details about their much anticipated Batman game! The team spoke at length about their goals and expectations for the project at SXSW and later on their website. You can read all they had to say there, but here are the basics.

  • The game will have a heavy focus on the actions of Bruce Wayne. What things Bruce does/pursues in the daytime will affect Batman in the night time.
  • Game will be set in present day and be a fresh take on the series. Gordon, Alfred, Vicki Vale, and Renee Montoya all confirmed but don't expect any "Bat family". Batman will be the only "hero"
  • Certain characters personal relationship with Bruce will affect how they swing morally in the world of Gotham.
  • The game will be rated M and will feature a more comic book art style than realistic

No word on villains yet, but I would have to imagine we will see Catwoman and Two Face just because not many characters have a relationship with both Bruce and Batman. Who else would you like to see in the game?