TellTale's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Episode 2 Coming June 6th

For those of you who saw Guardians of The Galaxy, and still were yearning for more after the credits rolled, never fear TellTale is here. The developer, best known for its riveting Walking Dead spin-off, announced the release date for the second episode of Guardians of the Galaxy this morning. The game is based on the Marvel Comic Book series and feature film, with much of it borrowing from the latter. It sets itself independent of the movies and comics allowing it to forge its own story, and explore the universe in more depth.

The first episode released in April to mostly positive reviews, with many only complaining about the tedious point and click segments being the weakest point. While there is no mention of change to this problem in the press release, it does give insight as to the ever looming mystery behind the relic they discover, and the exorbitant bar tab they're trying to outrun. The press release does also promise that players will delve into Rockets past. Something I was always curious about watching the movies. 

Players can pick up "Under Pressure" Tuesday June 6th on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and Android. A simple game that comes easy to pick up and play just a week before the madness we know as E3. 




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