TERRARIA Feels Like It Was Made to be Played on Nintendo Switch


Perfectly Switched

Oh Terraria, how you’ve lost me in countless hours of digging, chopping, crafting and stabbing baddies. Across various platforms from PC, Vita and now the Nintendo Switch, Terraria is a simple-on-the-surface yet oh-so-deep and complex the further you dive into the game. Whether you are a Terraria veteran or a newcomer to the series or just wondering what the devil the hyper is all about, I suggest you dive into the Switch version right now.

While moving from PC or other platforms to the Switch controller might be a bit of a shift, it’s like the Switch was designed for Terraria from the pixel perfect screen resolution to just the absolute ideal game to play on extended plane, train, or automobile trip, Terraria for Switch is the real deal for a mobile style game and it’s about time it came to the Switch! Terraria is available now for almost every platform on Earth but most importantly, available right now, for Nintendo Switch —