That's Meta: They're Making A VR MMORPG Of SWORD ART ONLINE

Sword Art Online is an anime that portrays a future in which people become trapped in VR gaming and begin to die in real life. It only makes sense it should become a video game...right? Gematsu announced IBM Japan would be opening Alpha testing in a few weeks to 208 people looking to try a new type of virtual reality.

They're promising you will be able to play their new game through movement free of controllers.

The teaser trailer really reveals nothing other than I'm not trying to prank you right now. As much as I want to kid about how bad of an idea this is in light of the show's theme, all I could think about was how cool it would be to actually play the games they played in the show!

The alpha test launches in Japan March 18th through 20th. Of course we will keep you abreast as to whether people start mysteriously not waking up during it.