The 5 Best Gifts You Can Get Switch Fans For The Holidays


The Nintendo Switch is one of the biggest highlight of 2017 in the gaming community. Ever since Nintendo introduced their hybrid console last March, the Switch have been flying off the shelves and for a time, it seemed that supply can’t keep up with demand. However, true to its promise, Nintendo doubled production to ensure that in the coming holidays, there will be an abundance of Switch in the market. 

If you have a friend or a loved one who owns Nintendo’s amazing console, and you’re looking for something special to give them this holiday season, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Check out our guide for the best Nintendo Switch gift for your loved one, or even for you as a treat this holiday season. 

1.) PDP-Nintendo Switch Starter Kit - Mario “M” Edition

Whenever I buy a new gadget for myself, whether its a console, a phone, or a computer, I always look for the best case to protect my new, hard-earned investment. After trying different cases in the past, I can say with confidence that the PDP-Nintendo Switch Mario case is the best in the market. The product is officially licensed by Nintendo and includes a sturdy case with a Mario theme that can also hold 12 game cartridges, a screen protector, Joy-Con Armor Guards and thumb caps, and Mario earbuds. 

Pros: The case will hold all your games, a few accessories like earphones and a travel charger, and will give full protection to your device

Cons: Can be a bit bulky but still fits most bags, earbuds are not high quality but nice enough given the price

Price: $19.99

Get it here

2.) The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


I know, I know, it seems like every list that concerns the Nintendo Switch will always include BOTW, but for good reason! The game recently won the Video Game Awards GOTY (more details on that here), and I highly recommend this game as an essential for every Switch owners. This game will really test out the capabilities of your new console and will let you spend countless hours saving the Kingdom of Hyrule. Let’s all remember that Switch games can be pricey so if you or someone you know would love to have a game that will last them a couple of months, then BOTW has you covered. 

Check out our full review of the game here. 

Price: $56.99

Get it here

3.) Anker PowerCore + 20100 USB-C


The best feature of the Nintendo Switch that fans love is the ability to play your games on the go. However, portability comes with a price - and that price is how long the battery of your system will last. On average, the Switch can squeeze about 3-4 hours of gameplay, but if you’re running high demand games such as Breath Of The Wild, the Switch can run for about 1-2 hours. The solution for this dilemma is a portable battery pack that is powerful enough to give your Switch an extra boost and my recommendation would be the Anker PowerCore. I personally use this battery pack because not only can it fully charge my Switch a couple of times, it can also charge my phone and my MacBook Pro in one cycle. This battery pack holds 20100mAh so that’s a lot of juice for your Switch and other devices whenever you’re on the road. 

Pros: Can charge multiple devices 

Cons: The device is on the heavy side, you also have to charge the device overnight 

Price: $65.99

Get it here

4.) Stardew Valley


In my honest opinion, among the many games that have been ported to the Switch from other consoles, nothing beats Stardew Valley. This game is originally released for Steam and then later ported to consoles, but I absolutely think that the Switch is the best platform this game has been on. I mean yes, I know that mods are not supported on the Switch but the vanilla version of the game has so much to offer already that you’ll spend countless hours managing your farm, digging in the mines, pursuing a person to marry, and much more on the go. 

Check out our full review of the game here

Price: $14.99

Get it here

5.) SanDisk 128GB microSDXC UHS-I for Nintendo Switch


The biggest downside of the Nintendo Switch is probably the small internal memory capacity. At 32GB, the Switch’s on-board storage seems to be a problem as numerous third-party games are on the way for the console, but with large file sizes. Remember when it was revealed that Super Mario Odyssey’s file size is already 5.7GB in total? The good thing about the Switch is that it has a slot for an external memory card, and if you plan to go full digital with your library of games, then the SanDisk 128GB micro SD card is a must buy. 

Price: $69.99

Get it here

What do you think of our list? Are there other games or accessories that you think is an essential buy for a new Switch owner? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Happy Holidays! 

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