The Atari VCS Is Already Available For Pre-Order

Atari VCS Header.jpg

The Atari VCS has officially gone on pre-order status through IndieGoGo, which is still active for another month with a status currently at 2240% success from their asking amount. There is the featured perk that will give you the Collectors Edition for $299, but if you don't have any interest in the look and just want to get the system then I would suggest the Onyx option that is currently only $199. The announcement of the pre-order came with a trailer that shows off what the system can do and includes commentary from the developers.

While I admit that I was a bit disappointed when the Atari VCS system was clarified as a classic remaster with modern improvements, previously expecting a new console meant to rival today's consoles, what it turns out to be does have some interesting qualities. Streaming services ready at the push of a button, pre-installed classic games available anytime, and even the system itself has a classy design mixed with modern lighting.

The Atari VCS is truly the dream system for gamers that started gaming with the ole Atari 2600 and would make a great addition to any gamers classic gaming collection. How long are you planning to wait before claiming the system yourself when it's available now?