THE BOYS Tops Amazon Prime's Most Watched List


After two weeks on Prime Video, Amazon's The Boys has become one of the streaming service's most binged shows. That's an impressive accomplishment for a show, and it proves that viewers are hungry for something darker and different than the average superhero fare. Both audiences and critics alike have responded positively to the show.

We gave our first impressions on the show when it first dropped, and the new spin on a somewhat-tired genre was much appreciated. The show ends with a bang, and our mini-review was complimentary of the world the creators had built. If you're a fan of graphic novels, particularly from the manic mind of Garth Ennis, then this newest adaptation will sate your appetite.

And the good news continues. Amazon has already renewed The Boys for a second season, so it won't be long before Billy Butcher and the crew will be coming back for more. If you haven't check it out yet, get bingeing. You won't regret it.