The CALL OF DUTY Zombies Community Gets Some Well Deserved Attention In BLACK OPS 4's OPERATION APOCALYPSE Z


The Zombies player-base has been neglected since the launch of Black Ops 4. The community has only received handfuls of content in comparison to the gratuitous amount of content that the Blackout and Multiplayer modes have received over the past 8 months. Treyarch appears to be trying to make things right with Operation Apocalypse Z. All game modes within Black Ops 4 will be overrun with zombies in the coming weeks. Multiple zombie themed characters, weapons, and maps will be introduced into the game over the course of the operation. The new zombies map, Alpha Omega, will be released alongside undead themed multiplayer maps, Der Schatten, Remnant, and Havana, immediately following the release of the operation. Infected will be making a return in Multiplayer, with a similar mode being introduced into Blackout later in the operation. Reaper will also be making a comeback as a “new” playable specialist. All of the skins, weapons, and characters will be dropped periodically through the duration of the operation. If you want to learn more about Operation Apocalypse Z and all of the content that it includes, you can watch Treyarch’s studio broadcast, where the devs go over the entire thing, below.