The Conqueror Stands Tall In 8 Exciting Minutes Of FOR HONOR Gameplay

I'm not too good at blocking, so I like to pick tanky characters for my gaming. If you're like me, then it looks like you'll be playing a lot of the "Conqueror" class when For Honor hits store shelves Valentine's Day. 

One negative thing I'm noticing as I'm watching this video is it looks like it can take a long time to get back into the battle if you start from the initial spawn point. I think I clocked a guy taking a full 20 seconds of running to get to his destination at one point. That may or may not be a problem depending on who you are, but it definitely shows there are pauses in the action between the crazy melee showdowns. 

Running aside these maps look outright astounding and I can't wait to see what the full game and future DLC packs will offer in terms of stages! Check it all out in the video below.