The DARK SOULS Board Game Has Raised Nearly $1,000,000 In A Couple Days

Steamforged Games Dark Souls board game is on it's way to becoming a massive Tabletop success. Just a couple days into it's Kickstarter the project has smashed its goal of $70,000 by a large margin. With (as of posting) $785,000+ in funds and 26 days left to go on funding, it's likely they will see well over $1,000,000 in funding!

What's more impressive is the team has managed to raise this money offering no additional incentives. Currently, they have an option for donators to purchase the game for $80 or a retailer package that gives 6 games for $200.

$80 is a lot for your average tabletop game but the price is justified by licensing and a crap ton of figures!

Let's not forget the ridiculous amount of stretch goals!

  • £60,000 UNLOCKED! Pyromancer Player Character
  • £70,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Dancer Behaviour Cards
  • £80,000 UNLOCKED! Cleric Player Character
  • £90,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Executioner Behaviour Cards
  • £100,000 UNLOCKED! Sorcerer Player Character
  • £140,000 UNLOCKED! Thief Player Character
  • £160,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Legendary Weapon Treasure Cards
  • £180,000 UNLOCKED! Mercenary Player Character
  • £200,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Lothric Encounter Cards
  • £220,000 UNLOCKED! The Pursuer Boss
  • £240,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Anor Londo Encounter Cards
  • £260,000 UNLOCKED! Deprived Player Character
  • £280,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Item Treasure Cards
  • £300,000 UNLOCKED! 3 Firebomb Hollows
  • £340,000 UNLOCKED! 3 Dancer Heat Up Cards
  • £360,000 UNLOCKED! 5 Gravestone Models
  • £380,000 UNLOCKED! 3 Executioner Damaged Cards
  • £400,000 UNLOCKED! 3 Silver Knight Lancers
  • £420,000 UNLOCKED! Sir Alonne Boss
  • £440,000 UNLOCKED! 4 Barrel Models
  • £460,000 UNLOCKED! Bonfire Model
  • £480,000 UNLOCKED! 4 Treasure Chest Models
  • £500,000 UNLOCKED! 4 Large Barrel Models
  • £525,000 UNLOCKED! Spin Dials for Core Game Mini Bosses
  • £550,000 LOCKED! Smelter Demon Model

The game looks incredibly challenging and perhaps a little difficult for those who are just now getting into Tabletop. I'm not saying don't get it, but make sure to work your way up with similar styles of game before diving into this one! Just take a look at the boss battle phase if you don't think there's a lot to hold on to.

Despite it's initial difficulty to learn, it looks like a hell of a lot of fun to play! Join the Kickstarter here!