The Dev Diary Series For MAN OF MEDAN Gets More Interesting The Deeper It Goes

If you haven’t already heard about the next game coming from Supermassive Games, then I recommend you check out the announcement of their new series known as The Dark Pictures. The first game to come from The Dark Pictures Anthology is a horror game called Man of Medan that takes place upon a Ghost Ship setting.

This team has been releasing their developer diary’s in multiple segments including two parts for each one. The first dev diary covers the making of the Ghost Ship itself (part 1 and part 2), but the second dev diary is much more interesting. It started off just covering the details of getting everything right for a small ship at sea, but it is their latest episode, Part 2 of Dev Diary #2, that covers the stuff anybody wants to know.

The below dev diary covers aspects from lighting affects to set the mood, how they have the camera function so the player feels like they are actually part of the dark adventure, and making the underwater sections appear realistic. This series is sure to continue after this one and I look forward to learning more about this game as we inch closer to its launch date later this Summer.