THE DIVISION Adopts Permaban Policy To Further Stop Cheating

The darkest timeline is upon us. Due to the massive success of Overwatch's permaban system, The Division has now decided they are going to employ the same strategy. RPS says from here on out, players will be permanently banned from the game if they exploit, cheat, or bug the game. It's a harsh but necessary move to fix what many consider a "broken game".

Here's my take...

The damage done is done. Literally EVERYONE has cheated in The Division by now whether it was due to sloppy code by the development team or to keep up with the others getting high ranking gear way too soon. What made Overwatch's permabanning so successful is it was implemented in a game that had little to no problems since launch. The Division has had at least one major bug or exploit A WEEK since it's release.

Don't get me wrong, I hate cheating. I also hate when games aren't made correctly. I guess my point is that if the bans come down because of players using outside mods for the game that's on them, but if it's because you screwed up an update and people can now walk through a wall to easily get to a boss battle...that's on you Ubisoft. That's not cheating that's you screwing up. Hopefully they don't punish players the same way.