THE DIVISION: First Impressions with 4K PC Screens And Gameplay!

Instant Eyegasm With Caveats

THE DIVISION is officially upon us and ohhhh how gorgeous it is! Sorting through my barrage of screenshots I've already taken, my screenshot key might need a replacement. As you can see, in the visual department, the game's no slouch especially on high settings on our 4K gaming rig. Let's not get too hasty on the visuals as the servers had a few issues launch night that quickly turned that smile upside down. Right in the middle of my last intro mission, the servers went off and The Division Twitch channel lit up as the devs scrambled to get the server team on it. Luckily, the servers were back on for me in about 30 minutes. Not too shabby for a big launch night but still, a pain.

The Devs were good sports and handled the down time quite smoothly.. whilst eating into the mic freely. NOM NOM NOM.

Smooth Operator

After a few hiccups I was back in the action and I was pleasantly surprised how smooth and fluid the gameplay was, especially compared to an early beta I played a month or so back. After a short but sweet intro about the USA after the 2016 Election.. errr.. I mean, a massive outbreak, you are instantly throw into a sweet character creator that is quite robust. Shortly after, a few intro missions and then you are off to your first major siege. After getting familiar with and tweaking a plethora of options and controls,  I was quickly dispatching the baddies and leveling up my gear, I even found a rainbow beanie of some bullet-ridden thug. W00t!  I had no further issues after the initial server snafu and I am absolutely stoked to dive back into the game both flying solo and with a group of friends. The game is feeling extremely polished overall for a big launch and I am cautiously optimistic to see how the title shapes up in the long term. For now, it's back to blasting hooded fools with my 'nades and other tools of destruction.

The Division + 4K = Wet Pants

So there you have it folks, brief confirmation that the launch wasn't perfect but the game feels smooth and sharp. Have you picked up the game yet? If so, how are you liking the first few hours and do you feel the game is living up to the incredible hype that proceeds it? Drop us a line and check out the 4K screenshots + video below.