THE ELDER SCROLLS: BLADES is The Mobile Game for People Who Hate Mobile Games



Let’s just be very clear here: I love The Elder Scrolls series of games. Even though I my friends played it, I actually beat Oblivion, the massive, open world masterpiece that truly got me hooked. Confession: I am still working through Skyrim though I spend most of my time playing with the bajillion mods available for it vs trying to actually beat the end boss. Lastly, I HATE (loathe, detest, refuse to accept) mobile games in general. I think 99% of them are shallow, predatory, and usually lose their charm after about 30 minutes. Enter the other 1%, the mobile game that defies all odds: The Elder Scrolls: Blades. I absolutely love this game and can’t put it down (Unless I am waiting to open my gold chests ;) )

Flexible control scheme? Check. Gorgeous graphics, sounds, and music? Check, check and check!

I had very little expectations going into Blades and while it is constantly improving, it is already better and deeper than some fully priced titles. While the gameplay and areas could be called repetitive, it’s the constant loot and sweet customization that makes it oh so appealing. Not to mention, the level and polish for a mobile title is just unreal. Best of all? It’s free. Yep, you can spend real hard earned dollars on gems (the in game currency) but you absolutely don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Blades looks and sounds absolutely phenomenal even on older phones like the iPhone 6s. I have played it on iPhone 6s, iPhone XR and the latest iPad. All versions look and run great but I prefer to play it on my XR. The officially support device list can be found here.

The amount of detail and customization is just insane for a mobile title

Just recently, Bethesda added voice acting to the game, jewelry and more content to boot. The game was already good and it just keeps getting better. I’ve had hundreds of mobile games come and go from my iPhones and iPads but this is the only one I open up and to be honest, I’d rather be playing Blades than my PC and PS4 these days. That has just never ever happened before for a crusty, grumpy old gamer like myself.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is available now for IOS and Android. Coming soon to Switch and you can even carry your progress over to that version when available…(!)