THE ENDLESS MISSION Unveils A Star-Studded Cast Including Laura Bailey, Courtenay Taylor, and Jennifer Hale!


A sandbox creation game that will feature a meta-as-hell story, The Endless Mission by E-Line Media, has announced to have quite a star-studded staff of voice actors. Their latest announcement trailer gave off the current list as Laura Baily, who is best known as the English voice actress for Funimations Kid Trunks, Courtenay Taylor, who is best known for her roles as Jack in Mass Effect 2/3 and Ada Wong in the Resident Evil series, Jennifer Hale, who is known from her roles in Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, BioShock Infinite, Metroid Prime, and more, the lovely actress Alix Regan, and the up-and-coming actress Sara Amini!

The story itself will have players explore a digital world where they have the power to fundamentally alter the framework around them, reshaping and creating as they see fit. This journey will take players behind the scenes of many of the iconic genre’s featured in video games. It will feature aspects from crafting your own spells and changing enemy behavior, to completely reshaping the surrounding landscape. Ultimately, this game is going to challenge players to rethink how games are built.

This game will offer something for players on both sides of the interest spectrum and will deliver the first taste in an Early Access launch on Steam sometime this summer. Until then, check out a glimpse of story and gameplay elements in their cast announcement trailer.