The ESA Released A New Video Against WHO's "Gaming Disorder" Nonsense


The Entertainment Software Association has finally fired back against the World Health Organization’s inclusion of “Gaming Disorder” in the International Classification of Diseases. In a new video the ESA outlines how the inclusion of “Gaming Disorder” has not been based in scientific fact and that it dangerously scapegoats underlying psychological issues. The stigma of “Gaming Disorder” also undermines all of the scientifically proven benefits of video game playing including Alzheimer research. Check out the video below.

Having done numerous research projects on the subject I am glad the ESA has fired back against WHO. It seems more and more people want to blame objects for peoples problems than figure out what is the actual issue underlying the problem with the object. WHO has stupidly included something that will cause more harm than good to everyone who plays games. Thankfully the facts will continue to prove them wrong!