THE ESCAPIST 2 Is Now Available On The Nintendo Switch

The smash hit prison-escape game, The Escapist 2, developed by Team17 together with Mouldy Toof Studios, is now available on Nintendo Switch. The original Escapist was initially launched on Steam back in 2015 and it was received so well that it warranted a sequel that has just arrived for Nintendo’s hybrid system. 

The Escapist 2 still retains the pixelated sandbox prison-escape game style but has improved graphics and better crafting and combat systems. The game also introduced a multiplayer option, a feature that fans of the game requested the most. The Switch version of the game allows players to team up with another inmate via a local two player split screen mode, that will take advantage of the Switch’s Joy-Cons, or Pro Controller. For the first time in the series, players can now work together or against one another and see which convict can make the quickest escape. 

The game’s version for the Switch will also feature 10 unique themed prisons to escape from, an online multiplayer mode, a highly customizable character with over 300 customization options, and a dedicated tutorial for newcomers to the series. Check out the official description of the game below: 

“Risk it all to breakout from the toughest prisons in the world. Explore the biggest prisons yet, with multiple floors, roofs, vents, and underground tunnels. You’ll have to live by the prison rules, attending roll call, doing prison jobs, and following strict routines; all the while secretly engineering your bid for freedom! Your prison escape antics will take you from the frosty Fort Tundra, a train hurtling through the desert, and even to the final frontier!”

The Escpaist 2 is now available to download on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99. Will you get The Escapist 2 on the Switch? What do you think is the best strategy to escape a prison? Share your thoughts on the comments below. 

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