One of the best ways to put a new spin on the horror and suspense of a franchise like The Walking Dead is to give it the top-down retro graphics treatment. It presents a brand new feel to the story which also offers up classic gameplay elements that would work perfectly with the zombie apocalypse setting. Day to day survival in that situation has always been about the gathering of supplies and crafting of weapons, and The Escapists: The Walking Dead shows there will be a decent amount of that happening. 

According to the trailer, The Governor will be there to welcome new followers to compete against Grimes and his crew. The TV show certainly displayed that there was a whole lot more to this guy than met the eye (pun intended), and I’m hoping we get the chance to see that part of him represented.

With mixed reviews on Steam, it will be interesting to see how the console crowd responds to it. Different platforms can work better or worse for specific games, and though it’s coming to PS4, it does raise questions about how it could perform as a mobile game.

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