The FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Is Now Being Developed By Square Enix

A couple days ago we shared the news that the Final Fantasy VII remake was coming "within the next three years" and now we think we know why. Square Enix's Naoki Hamaguchi made the announcement during a stream for Mobius Final Fantasy saying that the former company developing the title, CyberConnect2, was no longer making the project and that the company would be moving production of the title in-house. Hamaguchi did not share details regarding the switch but did say that the move was a "sensitive subject" which points to Square Enix having problems with the developer. 

Three years is a long time to wait for a game that's been teased (like Kingdom Hearts 3) since the PS2 era. Both of these games are becoming white whales as the months tick by that I wonder if they'll be nearly as successful had either of them released in the previous console generation like they were intended to. 

Source: Kotaku