The First Episode Of LIFE IS STRANGE 2 Is Set To Release In September

*Update: The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit is now available to download today!

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Life is Strange 2’s first episode is slated to release on September 27, Dontnod's official Twitter account confirmed. The developer’s tweet included an incredibly brief teaser of the game that only showed the title and the planned length of the series, which is set for five episodes. Besides those details, the developers are remaining silent but promise to reveal more information on August. 

The sequel has been in development for quite some time now, and Dontnod has been secretive about details of the new game. So far, the only information we know of the game is that a brand new cast will take over the story in an anthology type format. The original Life is Strange revolved around the story of a teenager named Max, that possess the power to turn back time. The game stood out as it delved into serious problems such as online harassment and teenage suicide. Just last year, Square Enix and Deck Nine, released a prequel of the series called Life is Strange: Before The Storm, which starred Max’s friend Chloe. 

During E3 2018, Dontnod revealed a new, free experience named The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. This game takes place three years after the story of the first Life is Strange and will feature a ten-year-old boy named Chris. It launches today for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Developer Dontnod teased that the game will include a few clues about Life is Strange 2 that players would need to find out. 

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