THE FORBIDDEN ARTS Is A Side Scrolling Journey For Truth And Understanding

Fantasy games are often full of adventures that are based on the main protagonists goal set to understand the power that they have been given. Whether they are born with this power or it is obtained through mysterious means, the answers are an elusive journey for understanding. Taking this plot on and putting it in a side scroller styled game is Stingbot Games with their soon-to-launch title The Forbidden Arts.

Play as Phoenix, a man with something in him that he doesn’t understand and is traveling the world in search of learning what it is. This path will take you up against a multitude of enemies that you can fight off with a mix of melee and magic attacks. Your adventure will also require for you to protect Chora, a land concealing secrets amidst its beautiful landscapes, from the forces that would destroy it. Are you up for the challenge?

The Forbidden Arts is currently available on Steam’s Early Access, but is set to launch on August 7th for Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. They also plan to bring it to PlayStation 4 sometime in Q4 of 2019. It certainly looks like an interesting title and I look forward to trying it out myself. What do you think of this fantasy side scroller title?