The Force Is Strong With The First Gameplay Trailer For STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT II

E3 is off to a strong unofficial start with EA Play's showcase of the first gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront II

The trailer features a map called Assault on Theed which was a pivotal battle in Star Wars lore for the battle on Naboo. The stage here is packed with action where you can appreciate battle Droids and Troopers having intense battles in some of the most stunning and intricate Star Wars settings to date. Vehicle gameplay is also showcased for both land and air vehicles and the excitement is topped off when Darth Maul, one of the game's many playable heroes, joins the battle and starts taking out everyone in sight.

But enough talking, here's the trailer in all its glory:

The take away message from EA Play's gameplay showcase is that Battlefront II will feature:

  • A complete campaign narrating a new story that will play across all Star Wars eras.
  • All DLC updates will be distributed as free content for the longevity of the game.
  • There's multiplayer content that will span across all Star Wars eras.
  • Split screen co-op is a thing.
  • EA Access and Origin Access members can start playing the game as early as November 9 and pre-ordering grants you access on November 14. 

Star Wars: Battlefront II is set for release on PS4, XBox One, and PC on November 17, 2017.

Source: EA


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