The GameBoy Is Making A Comeback Soon

Image via Gizmodo

Image via Gizmodo

Nostalgia has been circling around the gaming community for quite some time now. Last year, Nintendo has released the SNES Classic Edition and it has been selling like pancakes ever since. It is still unknown as to whether Nintendo plans to re-release other of its classic consoles soon, however, peripherals manufacturer Hyperkin is taking the initiative by releasing its own remake version of the classic GameBoy. 

Hyperkin’s version of GameBoy, the Ultra GameBoy, as it is temporarily called, aims to bring back the original Nintendo GameBoy’s experience and improving the handheld’s design, without changing the gameplay many of us remember in the past. 

According to Gizmodo, who was able to get a hands on of the device during CES 2018, the Ultra Boy is housed in aluminum, which is more durable and scratch proof that the original GameBoy’s plastic design. The buttons and dials will be pretty much the same as the original. However,  the final version of the Ultra Boy will include a third dial that will allow the player to adjust the brightness of the console’s new backlit display. For players who would want a more authentic feel, the Ultra Boy’s backlit display can be switch off completely. Check out the images via Gizmodo's hands on of the console:

As for the Ultra Boy’s new features, the device would include a built-in six hour battery that can be charged through its USB-C port, so no more AAA batteries needed. The Ultra Boy also sports a pair of stereo speakers that can be found on both sides of the device. Hyperkin is also customizing the device for chiptune musicians who may want to create modern electronic tunes using the Ultra Boy.

 Hyperkin is planning to have the Ultra Boy ready for release by late Summer this year. The device will be available at an estimate of $100 or less. The Ultra Boy won’t have built-in games so you’ll have to provide original Game Boy cartridges in order to use the Ultra Boy.

What do you think of the Ultra Boy? Should Nintendo re-release their classic GameBoy? 

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