The Gods Battle it Out in Awesome New SMITE Trailer

When it comes to MOBAs, most people stick to their League of Legends or their Dota 2. Some people stray and go down the Heroes of the Storm route. However, there is one game that flies a little under the radar despite having a rather large and loyal fan base. That game is SMITE, the cool god-vs-god third-person MOBA from Hi-Rez Studios. Yesterday they released this awesome new cinematic trailer showing off the kind of heated battles you can find yourself locked in. The trailer is title "To Hell & Back" and features a group of gods, corrupted by an evil power, taking down their fellow deities. Even if you're not much of a SMITE player, the trailer is a blast to watch.

The SMITE Wolrd Championship takes place this Thursday through Sunday (January 7-10) in Atlanta, Georgia. You can watch the whole tournament live on the official SMITE website.

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