The Hardest CRASH BANDICOOT Level, Stormy Ascent, Comes To The Remaster

Playstation has launched a trailer featuring the notice that the previously removed level from the original games of Crash Bandicoot is now available on the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Remaster!

The level, Stormy Ascent, was originally removed from the classics due to it being too difficult, but now they are bringing it to the new remaster! Check out the trailer for it:

I guess now that they have already raised the difficulty for the games in this remake, they don't care that the level may be too difficult and frustrating to players everywhere.

Now, there was a chance to play the level on the classic mode using a Gameshark, so some of you may already have some practice with Stormy Ascent, but who is going to be braving this level soon?