The Heroes Lounge is heating up in both EU and NA


Heroes Lounge, the popular grassroots Heroes of the Storm league, is heating up. Now entering its third week, the league is carrying the torch for an esport whose developer support was cut off by Blizzard Entertainment in December. This season marks the debut of Heroes Lounge’s Division S, which allows high-level teams to compete in a double round robin format for their share of a crowdfunded prize pool.

Tomorrow, teams from both Europe and North America will face off in order to increase their shares $16,155 the league has raised so far. The acon begins at 1pm EST, with Wind & Rain going up against Go Next. Wind & Rain’s all-Swedish roster has carried the team to the fifth-place position in Europe’s Division S standings, while Go Next will be fighting to put themselves on the board and pull their squad out of last place. This match will be followed by a showdown between the sponsorless “LFT for div S” and Granit Gaming, who are currently tied with La French Team for the first-place position after victories over Divine Vendetta and Nothing Left in weeks one and two.

The North American matches will begin at 8pm EST tomorrow and will continue through Saturday. Currently, Looking For Work and The Lost Boys are tied for the North American league’s first-place position, but the two teams are scheduled to clash on Thursday. By the end of the week, the North American Division S league will have a definitive leader.