THE INDIE GAMER MAGAZINE Interview: Bringing A New Printed Magazine To Today's Indie Gamers


In a world of digital media, majority of those looking for news on the latest games and DLC’s simply hop on their computer or whip out their phones. Before this option, gamers had to rely on published gaming news magazines, such as PC Gamer and Game Informer, but was this just what was most convenient at the time or truly a preferred way to get the news? I mean, there are still plenty of people who purchase magazines and newspapers when all that they need to do is Google anything they would like to know!

Understanding the value of a printed and collectible news magazine is both nostalgic and worthwhile. This is how you learn of brand new topics, or in the gaming news world – new games, that you didn’t even know of prior while all the facts and details are listed below. One man remembered these good ole fashion gaming news magazines as a fond part of his childhood, as many of you do as well. This man is Jeffrey Porter, founder and creator of The Indie Gamer Magazine!

This magazine is fully focused on covering the latest and most interesting indie games that are coming out soon. Featuring interviews, reviews, breakdowns, platforms, and so much more, The Indie Gamer Magazine looks to be filling in the shoes that have been left at the door side for quite some time. Interested, I reached out to Mr. Porter and got to know a little bit more about what his new magazine had to offer.

Interview with Jeffrey Porter

Who are the founders of The Indie Gamer Magazine?

“I am the creator and sole founder of The Indie Gamer Magazine. I had asked a friend if they wanted part in it, but they were consumed with their own projects at the time. After a few years of writing for different websites, I decided I wanted to something of my own, but something different. The idea of a magazine kind of happened out of nowhere and I ran with it. Initially, I didn’t really look for anyone to collaborate on with this, but I did find some freelance writers I had worked with before and they have contributed a few articles across the first few issues.” 

What inspired you to develop a printing magazine in the era of online media?

“While it still is available online digitally, I think being a product of the 90’s really brought about the idea of doing print. Having stacks of strategy guides, game sharks, and game informers was such a cool part of gaming and I wanted to bring back that nostalgia to like-minded people. Other than the nostalgia though, I personally tend to like physically holding books and magazines.” 

How many issues do you foresee The Indie Gamer Magazine publishing?

“The Indie Gamer Magazine will continue for a minimum of one year, as promised in my Kickstarter campaign. I want to make sure to deliver what I said I would.” 

How popular has it been since it started?

“The first month after release was essentially my Kickstarter backers and some family. Each month has continued to grow, and I hope the trend continues. I’ve been trying to have some fun marketing. I recently shot and put together a sort of “PSA” video ad, where some of my friends played people whose “lives” were saved thanks to The Indie Gamer Magazine. The ad has helped and gotten quite a few laughs. As well, the first free month promotion has helped. I hope to create some more fun ads to hopefully arise more interest.” 

When did the first magazine get published?

“The first issue was published on August 1st. It was an exciting and nervous day for me. I had successfully been funded on Kickstarter (which was nerve racking on its own) and had no idea how the actually magazine would go over.” 

How big is the team putting this together?

“Team is myself. I write, edit, design, layout, market, and do whatever else it takes to make sure I can make this successful. As I mentioned though, I have had some freelancers contribute articles to the magazine, but no one that is truly working side by side with me on it. I’ve learned a lot over the last few months, and feel each issue is getting better. I’ve been doing my homework and learning more about graphic design, magazine layouts, and marketing though online courses and a lot of YouTube videos.” 

What would you say to those worried about your magazine sacrificing quality news for quantity?

“I would say I think it’s quite the opposite. I keep the magazines to 36 pages every month and try not to overload readers with too much. That said, I do hope to get to the point where I can grow the magazine bigger, but as of now, with mostly just myself, 36 pages seems to be about perfect.

I think the quality is there, as I really get to talk and chat in-depth with the developers and get to know many very well. I think the interviews are what most of the readers look forward to, as I can bridge that gap between developers and players and it’s no longer a company or studio, but they see a real person. I’m not sure how people would see the magazine sacrificing quality over quantity, as like the developers I’m talking to, I’m independent as well. I do my best to showcase each game as though it were my own and share with as many people as I can.”


Special, Limited Time Offer!

During this interview I found that he has a limited offer going on right now! Signing up for your own subscription by November 1st will give you your first copy for free, or simply get a discounted price on another package. All you need to do is use the coupon code “indie18” when subscribing. Naturally, I needed to learn a bit more on this and this is what Porter had to say about this offer:

“Originally during my Kickstarter, subscriptions were to be available straight out of the gate. However, as I got closer to doing prints, the cost was too high, and I wanted to make sure I could keep it at a reasonable price for the readers. This led me to other publishers, and while they’re printing costs are lower, their platform didn’t provide subscriptions, so it all had to be handled by myself directly. This has taken some time to prepare, and with it finally happening I wanted to help repay readers for the wait. So, if signed up before November 1st, using the coupon code “indie18” readers can get their first month free, or a price off another package. Physical magazine subscriptions are around the corner, and I’m really looking forward to it!” 

It seems that the magazine is taking off rather well for a single person start up and he is drawing near to the days of printing a physical magazine to be shipped out to subscribers. Until then, each issue can be bought either digitally or physically on MagCloud and interested readers can follow The Indie Gamer Magazine on Facebook.

Coverage on the latest AAA titles will always have the brightest spotlight, but it is nice to see somebody focusing on weeding through the field of indie games to select and provide a limelight for those worth the players time. So, do you plan on subscribing to The Indie Gamer Magazine?