The Indie Team Behind RELIC HUNTERS Are Hoping To Fund Their Sequel On Kickstarter


Relic Hunters Zero is one of those indie games that are very successful on Steam and even received a “Very Positive” review. A free game that positions itself as an RPG/Shooter that feels like a cutesy version of popular shooter games such as Borderlands and Halo. The game features charming visuals complemented by a catchy soundtrack.

Fans of the game will be happy to know that a sequel of Relic Hunters Zero is already in the works. The Brazil based developer, Rogue Snail, are taking the game one step further by introducing an online co-op feature. The sequel will be called Relic Hunters Legend, and they’re hoping to fund the rest of the development through Kickstarter.

As of the writing of this article, the Kickstarter campaign has already received $29,779 out of their target of $50,000 pledges, which are currently backed by 445 people and the campaign will end in 18 days. The rewards for pledgers differ depending on how much one contributes, however the most expensive pledge that is still available is worth $5,000 and will include a Closed Alpha Access, several badges, the inclusion of the pledgers name in the game credits, some in game currency and freebies, and the opportunity to become a playable Relic Hunter in the game among many others.

The game itself looks very promising and judging from the trailer alone, it seems that Relic Hunters Legend is packing more action than its predecessor. The art style of the game as seen with the character models and the game backgrounds looks polished and of high quality. Other features from its predecessor such as looting, character building, and heavy gunplay are all still present.

There is no exact release date as of the moment since the game is still in its early stages of development. However, if all goes as planned, we may expect an announcement and maybe a release date sometime next year. Relic Hunters Legend will also be free-to-play, which is unusual for a Kickstarter campaign but the developers are confident that crowdfunding will allow the studio to remain independent.