THE KING'S DILEMMA Promises Endless Possibility

Board games that focus on narrative and choice create a tabletop experience that sticks in the mind of the players. No two campaigns are alike because the branching decisions within each one lead to new possibilities and different endings. The King’s Dilemma, a new adventure from Horrible Games, seeks to capitalize on that trend with an ambitious story of an imperiled kingdom.

A shifting deck of event cards will manipulate the progression of the story, but this story is all about choice. Players will act as members of the King’s council, wealthy lords and ladies in the Kingdom of Ankist, and the decisions made will affect the well-being of not only the government but the people at large. Prosperity or depression are two sides of the same coin. Benefiting the kingdom could destroy your family’s house. Everything is connected in what could prove to be a spellbinding tale.

The King's Dilemma - Board Game - GameTyrant.jpg

Three to five players will embark on this adventure together. The King’s Dilemma has over 15 hours of content where participants will develop a personal story that is unlike any other players’ experience. Once you’re done, the game is over and can’t be replayed. If you’re interested in an unforgettable narrative that shapes the future of a kingdom, The King’s Dilemma is out now.

We’re excited to hear your thoughts on the game. If you’ve played it, share your experience with us.

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