The Last Update For The Last Gen Versions Of Minecraft Is Now Live


The new Nightmare Before Christmas Mash-Up pack has gone live and with its release the realization that the last gen versions of Minecraft will no longer receive any further updates. Minecraft originally came to console with the widely successful Xbox 360 port back in May of 2012. The Xbox 360 version would go on to sell over 21 million copies throughout its life. A PS3 port followed in 2013 with Vita finally getting a copy of the game in 2014. The ill fated Wii U finally received a copy of the ultra hit in 2015. 4J Studios, the company behind the console editions, has also taken to twitter to discuss the occasion.

I never played Minecraft on last gen consoles, but the game has definitely been one of my favorite ways to relax over the last few years. Also, the fact that Minecraft saw 5 years of updates while newer versions existed is truly incredible. Thank you 4J Studios for supporting these legacy editions for so long. If you still play Minecraft mainly on one of these older systems, what do you plan to do with the news that they are now discontinued?