The Latest In The Series, HARVEST MOON: LIGHT OF HOPE, Makes Its Way To Consoles May 2018


One of the series that has some of the most loyal and dedicated fans have recently launched a new title on Steam, that has received mostly positive reviews, not long ago. Thanks to Rising Star Games and Natsume's success with Harvest Moon: Light of Hope on PC, they are bringing it over to both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this May! The console version will be titled "Special Edition" and has some brand new features only available on the console versions. If you haven't seen it yet, here's the trailer:

Once again, the indie developers have stepped up to provide their community of players with what they have been requesting. Check out what Hiro Maekawa, President & CEO of Natsume, had to say about the console launch:

"Harvest Moon fans have been eager to experience the series on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, so we are happy to be able to give them a date to put on their calendar! The Special Edition has new features made specifically for console gamers that we will be unveiling throughout the coming months."

This statement is backed up by Martin Defries, Managing Director of Rising Star Games, as he goes on to say:

"The series has delighted game fans for many years; the versions that release this Spring will bring happiness to console gamers across the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch universe."

There are plenty of reasons to pick up Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for the console editions. From more convenient ways to play to the fact that there will be exclusive content for the console players should be more than enough to make current Harvest Moon fans ready to get their hands on this launch. Tell us, is this a must have or a hard pass for you?