The Latest PS4 Update Is Live Now, Here Are The Changes

Photo via Android Central

Photo via Android Central

After being in beta for quite a while now, the PS4’s latest system software update is now live for everyone. Version 5.50 will be a mandatory update that will bring in numerous features such as a better way to organize the home screen, additional parental controls, and a new feature that introduces a supersampling option for the PS4 Pro. In total, the latest update from Sony will take up 460 MB. 

The latest supersampling feature for the PS4 will “improve image quality in some games when your PS4 Pro is connected to a TV with 2K resolution or lower,” Sony said in a previous announcement. Furthermore, the latest update will also allow users to add several shortcuts for music playback. 

Players will now be able to use custom images to use as a wallpaper via plugging in a USB with the desired image. Parents, on the other hand, will have more control over the length of time their kids spend on the console with the Play Time Management feature that allows them to set a schedule where kids will be able to access the console. 

Several organizational features were also added with Version 5.50. Players can find new tabs in the Library that makes organizing games easier than ever. PlayStation Plus subscribers will now have a separate section in the Library app that puts all the user’s free PS Plus games in one space. PSVR games will also display a logo, which will serve to indicate that a particular game can be played in VR. 

The latest PS4 update is extensive, but it still lacks the highly requested PSN username change that the PlayStation community has been asking for. However, Sony may finally allow players to change their usernames soon, check out the details here

What do you think of the new update launched by Sony? Any features that the company  missed that you want? Share your ideas in the comments below. 

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