The Moonfire Faire is Live in FINAL FANTASY XIV and It is Lovely


I have had a long (15+ years) love/hate relationships with MMORPGs and only now am I realizing that I do truly love the genre when I am just enjoying the game in my own way, at my own pace, without rushing to the latest level, gear, raid, etc. Final Fantasy XIV is the perfect example of a game you can enjoy in your own way, at your own pace, and basically do, whatever it is you see fit.


As of late, I’ve been doing nothing but crafting and the Market Place (Auction House) and went from around 20,000 gil to just over 3 million gil in a short amont of time. That being said, events like the Moonfire Faire are full of cool items to collect, fireworks, goodies and loot. Honestly, the devs behind the game know how to suck players in and fill their world with awesomeness. Check out the free trial of FFXIV if you haven’t given it a try as of late.