The Most Bad Ass Game of Golf You Didn't Know You Needed: 100FT ROBOT GOLF!

I'm not much of a sports guy. I'm sure that goes for most readers of our site. I think out of all the sports that have ever been sported, golf may be just about my least favorite. The only things I like associated with golf are zipping around in electric go karts and drinking beer in the afternoon. Now, if golf involved 100 foot tall robots leveling cities in order to make par, I might be more inclined to play it! Luckily, the geniuses at No Goblin made this fantasy into reality when they announced their upcoming PlayStation VR title: 100FT Robot Golf! I can't wait to slap on my headset and take control of a giant golf mech, whapping the shit out of my friends and destroying digital cities, all in the name of sportsmanship.

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