The Newest Elder Dragon For MONSTER HUNTER WORLD Enters Your World Today

Following the launch of Monster Hunter World by Capcom there have been plenty of free content added through updates. Among these updates, new powerful beasts have been thrown into the world for players to test their abilities against a new foe. Despite all of this, many players may not be ready for the toughest beast that will be within today's update.

The golden dragon known as Kulve Taroth will be more than eye candy. With amazing loot to grab after defeating, this magnificent beast will challenge players with its powerful moves and force them to team up if they want to even stand a chance! Check out its featured trailer:

It is advised that there are at least sixteen players to take down Kulve Taroth. While the exact battle plan isn't known, current speculation says that the players must separate into four hunting parties and repel the beast. We can hope to see more details about how to take this Elder Dragon down, but it's likely they will leave it up to the players to discover.

This event launches tonight at 8pm EST, but will only be available for a limited time. Start getting your attack party together, set up some battle plans, and prepare for the biggest fight you have engaged in yet! Will you be able to get Taroth's loot or are you feeling the intimidation from his power?