The Newest Trailer For THE LAST OF US 2 Will Make Your Stomach Turn


The latest trailer for The Last Of Us 2 is not for those with weak stomachs as it shows tons of violence. If you're uncomfortable with seeing people get hanged, a young girl's arm getting decimated with a hammer, a woman getting a hatchet through the skull...I would sit this one out because you don't know any of these characters anyway.

Yep, No Ellie or Joel here, just three new characters and a bunch of twisted humans. As for who these people are and what role they have in the game's sequel, we have no idea, but we do have some clues. Apparently, that woman getting hanged is "one of them," according to the two Asian teens. "Them" appears to be some radicalized humans who will likely be another obstacle for our heroes to face in addition to the already loathsome clickers. 

As for fan response to the trailer, some outlets have criticized Naughty Dog for showing such a brutally violent trailer with no explanation, familiar characters, or really any context at all. It definitely made me squirm at points (especially when the girl continues to hang after the danger passes), and I think it would've been worth it had we actually learned something after being subjected to all of it.

Instead, we just saw some gross violence for four minutes and then got a logo of the game. I'm sure we'll learn more about these characters as we get closer to release, but damn, out of all the footage to introduce them we had to see all that?! Was that hard to watch for anyone else?