The Next Content Pack For DESTINY 2 Will Be Here In September


Bungie is once again continuing the story of Destiny through a brand new pack of content. Similar to how the DLC's were set up for the first Destiny, Destiny 2 has got a new content pack to check out. Announcing the launch date for Destiny 2: Forsaken to be September 4 in a somber cinematic trailer at E3, we look to be in for an upsetting story and challenging experience. The crowd of enemies within the fog helped express the feeling of surrounded and alone.

Based on the title and the trailer, this pack seems like it will be full of solo missions. Chances are it will still be about to be done in multiplayer with friends, regardless of the atmosphere that comes with Forsaken. They failed to actually give any details of what is happening in the story or what type of objectives we are going to need to complete, but they did manage to build a lot of hype at the conference from the announcement.

Do you find yourself interested in this upcoming content pack for Destiny 2?